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Kindly read this if you’re planning to buy a amazon stick TV stick.
I’ll explain everything you need to know before buying this device.

I was very excited when I got to know that Amazon was planning to launch its media streaming devices to India.
I was expecting the fire tv, I don’t know why Amazon only launched the fire TV stick in India. Anyway, without thinking any further, I ordered it when they launched it in India.amazon stick
Unlike its elder brother, Fire tv stick doesn’t have 4k streaming and faster and premium internals. It’s still an excellent choice if you have a 1080p set.
Fire Tv Stick is mostly a success. Its interface (including the voice search) is incredibly snappy and fast, and it gives the access to move across apps that you use on a regular basis.

Introduction-amazon stick
*Amazon fire Tv stick is a media streaming device which lets you stream video, install apps, play music etc on your tv.
*It’s built on the Android platform and it converts your normal tv to a smart tv.
*You can install android apps on the device and play games and enjoy music too.
*It’s an HDMI stick and all you need is an HDMI port on your television and you’re good to go.

Design- amazon stick
*The fire tv stick is no bigger than a USB which you can just plug into your television slot.
*Make sure you have another free power slot close by.
*This is because the Amazon Fire TV Stick needs to be plugged into one in order to work.
*There’s a micro-USB slot, which is used to charge the device.
*Plugging in the Amazon Fire TV Stick is pretty simple.
*The device is compact and doesn’t really require a lot of space.
*This comes with its own remote with voice control features.

Use-amazon stick
*Main use is to watch content from the internet.
*You can watch everything that’s available online through Amazon Prime or Netflix or any other website.
*You can sideload any android apps.
*It also has its own Amazon built-in app store from where you can download the apps.
*Even if you don’t have a DTH or cable connection you can watch Tv with Live Net TV and Jio Tv (Watch tutorials on Youtube) if you have a good internet connection.
*It comes with many apps preinstalled such as Hotstar, Sony Liv, Airtel Movies, Jio Cinema, Netflix, Gaana, Prime Music and many more.
*The voice remote is Bluetooth connected and can be operated very easily.
*Screen mirroring is possible but not very smooth.

Setting it Up- amazon stick
*Setting it up is quite simple.
*Connect it to your Tv’s HDMI port, plug it to the power adapter and once you’re done, grab the remote.
*You sign in with your Amazon account (if you purchase this on Amazon.in, it’ll come with your credentials preloaded).
*The home screens are laid out in such a way that you need to scroll right or left to switch between apps, Prime TV shows, and the Movies library—it is a breeze to search for and discover new content.
*Connect it to any wifi networks or your mobile hotspot and you’re good to go.

Parental controls- amazon stick
*Fire TV Stick comes with parental controls settings.
*Users can set a PIN to restrict access of mature content by children.
*Company says that all movies and TV shows in the Amazon Prime Video catalog, as well as apps from the Amazon App store, come with maturity ratings by age group.

Track data usage- amazon stick
*Users can keep a check on their data consumption through Fire TV Stick.
*Using the data monitoring feature on Fire TV, users can select their preferred viewing quality to manage data use.
*Also user can configure their Fire TV Stick to alert them before data use exceeds their preset limit.

Voice search remote- amazon stick
*Voice Remote responds instantly and lets users easily search for Amazon Video content using their voice.
*It doesn’t let you search content in other apps like youtube.
*Though the voice function doesn’t come to use much, the Bluetooth remote is incredibly fast and easy to use.
*However it doesn’t have any volume controls, and that’s a big miss.
*Recently Amazon has added the feature of Alexa voice control to the fire Tv stick, so now you can control your music, order food from zomato, or connect it to your Echo devices.
*I’ve got queries from users about the battery consumption of the remote. In my experience, its average and I never changed the battery in almost 10 months and its still working fine. ( I use the fire Tv stick every day)

Speed- amazon stick
*Fire Tv stick is very fast, it even works on a 1mbps plan and streams HD.
*Internal storage could’ve been increased, as it only comes with around 5gb free space.
*You can connect a USB Otg host cable and connect pen drives to increase storage or a wireless keyboard or mouse to it.

Other Features- amazon stick
*You can connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers to the fire stick.
*Apps are available for the stick on the app store and play store, which can be used to make your mobile as a keyboard.
*You can directly play videos from Prime video and even youtube app from your mobile to your fire tv stick with one click.
*You should have the same account registered on both the device for this feature.
*My sony remote works fine for the fire Tv. So that I don’t have to use 2 remotes at the same time.

Youtube- amazon stick
*Amazon and Google had some issues and they removed youtube app from the fire Tv stick but youtube can be sideloaded or can be opened with Silk browser or Firefox which comes with the fire Tv stick.

Price- amazon stick
*I got it during The Great Indian sale when it was priced at 3000 and also got a cashback of 200.
*Which makes it a total of Rs 2800.
*On Prime day it was sold for 2799 and extra cashback was there too.
*I would suggest you wait so that you get good deals.
*I don’t think it’s a good choice to buy it for 4K as you can get better options like the Mi Tv Box.

Overall Verdict- amazon stick
*Amazon Fire TV Stick works like it is supposed to: streaming your digital content onto your regular old dumb TV set.
*In my experience with this device, it has given me no cause to complain. I have fallen in love with it.
*If you are a movie buff or you love watching English series, movies, Youtube videos and other content online, or you wanna convert your old dumb Dabba tv to a smart one then this device is for you.
*Don’t think twice. Buy it and start streaming. You’ll fall in love with it. 🙂
*If you’ve any queries regarding the product or its working, feel free to contact me. Happy to help.

Amazon Stick vs Fire Tv Stick 4K –
*Amazon recently launched the Fire Tv stick 4K in India. So most of you will be confused if you should buy the newer version considering its 4K abilities.
*The 4K stick doesn’t come with any faster upgrades like a bigger RAM or storage updates.
*The price quoted in India is very expensive compared to its rivals.
*If you compare it with the Mi Tv box which has 4k Capabilities, Android Tv, Android games compatibility, Google Assistant, and a 2Gb RAM, it comes at around 4000, I don’t think its worth spending 6000 on a ‘stick’ even though it has 4K.
*Most of the content providers in India doesn’t support 4K.
*According to me, it wouldn’t be a smart option to invest 6k in the 4K stick.
*Without any doubt you can order the Fire Tv stick. It’s still the best option out there considering its price.
*Hope this was Helpful

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