Xtream Codes API


When it comes to streaming movies, TV shows, series, and live TV, IPTVs are the simple, easier, and fastest way of accessing content anytime and anywhere around the world. There are multiple streaming services available on the internet like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max, etc. But these services are costly and include less content compared to IPTV services. In order to simplify the process, IPTV offers all of it under a single subscription and single login. The cost of IPTV services is extremely low compared to the streaming services discussed above. Generally, there are two types of login available in IPTV: Xtream Codes API and M3U URL. You can either use the M3U URL or Xtream Codes API to stream the content of your IPTV provider. In this article, we’ve included a complete guide on Xtream Codes API.

What is Xtream Codes API

Xtream Codes API is a login credential that consists of a username, password, and server/port URL. It is used by various IPTV services as their login credential.

How to Extract Xtream Codes API from M3U URL

[1] Sign up and get the M3U playlist URL from any IPTV service provider for free or paid.

[2] You will receive all the required and available login credentials via mail.

[3] From the URL, the text or number next to the “username=” up to “&” is the Username.

[4] Then, the text or number next to the “password=” is the Password.[

5] The start of the M3U URL up to the colon (:) is the server URL.

[6] The number next to the colon (:) is the port number[7] Now, you have successfully extracted the Xtream Codes API from M3U URL.

Sample M3U Playlist URL:https://myiptvlist.com/

xtream codes api set up

How to Set Up Xtream Codes API on Firestick

xtream iptv api

Follow the below steps to install the 247 IPTV player app on Firestick and stream the IPTV content using Xtream Codes API.[1] Click the Find option on the Firestick home screen.

[2] Choose the Search tile and search for Downloader.

[3] Select the app and click on Download.

[4] Once downloaded and installed, get back to the home screen.[5] Select the Settings (cog) icon from the menu.

[6] Go to My Fire TV >> Developer Options >> Install Unknown Apps >> Enable Downloader.[7] Now, launch Downloader and enter the apk link of 247 IPTV Player.

1https://www.iptvsmarters.com/GET THE APK
2https://myiptvlist.com/GET THE XTREAM IPTV CODES